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Spot market, forwards market, and futures market

If you’re living in France and want to visit Borobudur in Indonesia, you must exchange your France currency to local currency, in this case the Indonesian Rupiah, at the current exchange rate. Currencies are important, it’s able to conduct foreign trade and business.

The need of exchange currencies is the main reason why foreign exchange market is the most liquid market in the world. Forex trading usually divided into 3 ways. They are Spot Market, Forwards Market and Futures Markets.

Spot market is where currencies are bought and sold according to the current value. This value is determined by demand and supply, interest rates, economic indicators, political condition, and future performance on one currency against others. Forwards market trades in contracts of a certain currency type at a specific value and a future date. This trading type doesn’t trade in actual currency. Futures market actually has the same characteristis with forwards market, but settled over public comodities markets.

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Similiar Fields of The Forex Industry

For some peoples, playing the forex to get money is their way of life. Taking some profit from the uncertainty of the money market even they faced to be broke in the ends. But it’s the compensation to gain some money. There are the other fields that similar with this forex business. It was a online games industry. It’s same fields because you can gain some money or loosing your money in the same time. Playing the forex and online games is risky and you need to shielding your self with adequate information and strategy to win and gain the profit.

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Obama run for US president

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has declared 44th President of the United States to reach the 270 electoral votes needed for a majority.

Momentum of the 47-year-old senator from Illinois grew after he took the crucial battleground states of Pennsylvania, which has 21 electoral votes, Ohio and the 20 votes. History held true after the victory of Ohio, a Republican who has not won the presidency without winning this state.

The focus of much of the night was in the other key states of Virginia, Indiana, Florida and North Carolina, whose race was too close to call much of the night, despite the early poll closing times .

In the end, Obama secured Virginia, which had been Democratic for the first time since 1964.

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