Forex Trading System – Hammer Candlestick Trading

Learn how to trade the Hammer Candlestick formation in forex trading. This is a powerful tool that should be added to any forex trading system.

What it Consists of and How to Use It – Green Screen Hollywood Technology

Hollywood manages to transport moviegoers to different places be it real or normal. With today’s sophisticated film making technologies, anyone can take a look at ancient Rome’s grand coliseums, walk on the surface of Jupiter, and visit dimensions that was once restricted to only our imaginations. Also, creatures like monsters, angels, and beasts are brought to life with the help of green screen Hollywood technology. But what exactly is green screen or “Chroma Key” technology? How does it work?

No More to Stressful Mind and Illness Body

As we know that live is so short and so stressful, especially if you work at the forex and investment field. Everyday you will haunted by the currency exchange price and the tight budget for making some profit. If you did not prepare your self with fit and healthy condition, you will easily get the [...]

Universal Indicator

Universal Indicator A Universal indicator is a pH indicator composed of a blend of several compounds that exhibits several smooth colour changes over a pH value range from 1-14 to indicate the acidity or basicity of solutions. Although there are a number of commercially available universal pH indicators, most are a variation of a formula [...]

CMS Forex Commercial

Currencies are personified…namely, the British Pound (Knight), American Dollar (Cowboy), Japanese Yen (Ninja), and the European “Euro” (Musketeer). These currencies are depicted fighting it out in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets. Note: While I think the commercial is cool, this isn’t an endorsement….all investments carry risks.

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