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Thicker Business Cards Stand Out in Crowd

About the author: Conquest Graphics is an online printing company specializing in brochure printing, newsletter printing and more with top-shelf quality. Thicker Business Cards Stand Out in Crowd Open your desk drawer or wallet and pull out a business card – any business card will do and this is not the start of a conjuring [...]

Oct. 8, 2008 Forex Hedge Trade: $360 Profit

I made a hedged trade today on the EUR/USD currency pair. I was able to get 60 Pips Long, which was a 00 profit at 2 lots. The Short trade ended up -42 Pips for a 0 Loss. So the net result was a 0 Profit. The great thing about the Hedging Strategy from the [...]

Take Your Company Public: Take Your Start-up Public

Are you trying to raise capital for your business? Have you been turned down by institutional lenders for loans and corporate lines of credit? Why deal with the hassle and embarrassment of perpetual declines and risk losing your business because of lack of cash? Wouldn’t it be great to raise capital quickly and easily for your company without constantly having to fill out scores of credit applications to stay afloat?

Forex: SPOT vs SWAP markets

Learn the difference between SPOT and SWAP markets

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